Ben XL B18 Track Spec

Many might recognise this mini from YouTube as this was one of the early B18 converted minis (not by us) and got close to 1 million views on Bens YouTube channel. Ben always has been keen on doing track days and there is a fair number of on-board videos of the Mini at different circuits across the country on his channel. However, the Mini never had the proper setup or the suspension to really push it. So now Ben has bought the Mini to us for a bare shell complete full restoration, rebuild, full interior strip to slash much weight as possible and to setup the Mini as a proper track day weapon. Ben still wants to keep the mini black colour but wants the interior done is gun metal grey.

Spec is as follows

  • Mk3 body shell
  • Miglia spec race weld in cage
  • B18C4 engine (approx. 200hp) and S80 LSD gearbox fitted to non mini suspension subframe kit, wider track
  • Weight 612kg approx.
  • 4 pot wilwood brakes with 240 grooved vented EBC discs
  • Carbon fibre rear boot floor
  • Lighten doors
  • 13×7 Minilite style wheels offset +10
  • 175/50 R13 Semi-slicks
  • Rear diffuser
  • On board gear shifter
  • Spec R arches
  • Rear aluminium brake drums
  • Rear race spec roll bar
  • Billet aluminium adjustable Coilovers
  • Tubbed rear arches
  • Flip up Fiberglass front end
  • Spec-R Rear subframe setup
  • Spec-R rear diffuser