Every build is different therefore this entirely depends on what type of Spec you are after with your mini. Some builds are fairly basic and some requires bespoke parts etc therefore its impossible to say it will take X number of days or weeks. In general, lesser the body shell requires work the quicker the conversion can be carried out.

Will you sell certain parts off your “full conversion kits”? like the subframe alone?
I’m afraid not. “Full kit” comes for a reason.

Of course, and this is the preferred way. Also, we might be able to even pick your project up in one of our trailers if they are available for a fee.

Payment is split into different sections of the build. For example; shell restoration, roll cage, paint and engine conversion. Before the start of each section, you will be invoiced for that specific section and 50% of this invoiced amount must be paid up front before starting that section.

After a section is completed you will be shown proof of completion and the remaining amount must be paid within 2 working days. After the payment is settled we will move onto the next section of the build.

Of course. We understand every individual is different and has different liking when it comes to these builds. Sometimes our offered package line ups might not just cut it for you, so tell us everything and we will do our best to make your dream classic mini you have in your mind into reality.

Due to an unforeseen circumstance if you want to abort the project with us, whatever work that has been carried out must be paid in full. Afterwards you can come collect up your project within 3 working days.

We are based in Loughborough, UK.

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