Other Services

Body Shell Restoration

There is no classic mini body shell that is too far gone. Even if your body shell is falling apart, we can bring it back to life with all new panels after the shell is bolted up to our jig. Depending on your budget and the condition your shell is currently at, we can either sand blast it to bare metal and start from scratch (what we prefer) or replace only the panels that’s required.

After all the panel work is all done and the shell is restored, the shell then gets acid etched, seam sealed and high build primer applied as you can see from the below pictures. There after an underbody hard wearing coat is applied to provide maximum protection for years to come. After everything is inspected the shell gets painted in any colour that you desire in our paint booth to mirror finish then gets assembled to spec.

Roll Cage Fabrication

We manufacture high standard roll over protection systems for fast road and motorsports lovers across the country. Whether you’re looking for an already spec’d roll cage to specific standard or require a more bespoke service, we have you covered

We use MSUK / FIA approved ROPT510 as standard, or BS4-T45 for those lightweight, high-performance applications!

Since we are specialised for the classic mini, we offer the below spec’d cages for the classic mini.

  • Fast road
  • Historic
  • Miglia Spec
  • Time attack Spec

We are dedicated to giving our clients the best possible experience, so do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have regarding doing or installing a roll over protection system.

Chassis Design & Development

With our levelling jigs, we are able to develop and reconstruct chassis projects or alter vehicle chassis to accommodate engines in FWD, RWD or 4WD configuration layouts when it comes to the classic mini or other smaller type chassis.  

We also design and build full tubular spaceframes that adhere to MSA and FIA standards.

Car suspension Setup & Preparation

Full suspension and corner weight service available to get the best balance and most speed out of your car. The basics of what we focus on setting correctly are:

  • Camber
  • Toe
  • Damper Adjustment/Ride Height
  • Corner weights

Unfortunately, we don’t offer setup adjustments based on aero as there are many factors and variables that can play into this.

Parts Fabrication

Designing and fabricating replacement suspension parts for race cars or road cars in tubular design in T45 for the lightest weight. 35mm or 45mm

Engine Rebuilding

We rebuild Honda D, B & K Series engines to either a basic OEM refresh or to a custom specification for a certain power output. Contact us for more.