Drive-in, Drive-out Conversions

We offer drive-in, drive-out conversions with the below packages or even a complete custom one-off package made for you. Drive-in, Drive-out conversions can be either done from a bare shell that needs restoring or your current running mini. Many different styling / options available, therefore contact us to discuss further in detail in regards to your bespoke build by filling the form below.


How it works

Our 4 step process to converting your mini


about your mini

Tell us what you want your conversion to be and any other areas that need attention and we will send an invoice promptly


Booking In

After the invoice is finalized and agreed to our terms & conditions, your mini will be booked in for the engine conversion


Your dream mini

Your custom build is officially underway. Build durations vary based on the complexity & scope of the project


Drive Home

The first startup then the final tune and check-ups. Once she is test-driven and gone through our checklist, you can drive her home!

FIll out the form to get started!