Package Lineup

Mini 7

This is our entry level and the most affordable budget conversion we offer for the Drive-in Drive-out/Turn Key package line up. This conversion offers unbeatable value for money and compliments a proven 120+HP (In Stock Form) D16 single cam VTEC engine (last generation) into your classic mini stock length front end. In stock form this engine has the performance to match a highly tuned A-series classic mini engine but with added Honda reliability & 5 speed gearbox for motorway cruising. Moreover this engine has Coil on plug therefore its a lot smoother compared to the older generation D16 engines. Many go with this package who daily drive their mini for work commute and it surprisingly does 30-40 MPG if you are concern about fuel. 


One of the great things about our Drive-in Drive out packages is that we fully rewire and upgrade the electronics in your mini for future proof/max reliability. This includes engine loom, ancillaries loom and interior loom. Since the full car gets an update with modern switches, relays and fuse boxes, we bin the 50+ year old unreliable Mini factory wiring looms which never seems to work properly. 


Moreover, a custom steering column will be fitted which will be mounted low down and centred to the driver’s seat for better driving position and this steering column will have updated Honda indicator stalks and new ignition barrel fitted. Therefore indicators, wipers, parking/dim/ head light controls will be in built to the stalks like any modern car which is a great touch.

The subframe cradle is Mini suspension based to keep costs down much as possible therefore if you already have adjustable suspension on your old Mini setup, all that could be straight swapped to this subframe to cut down further costs. Also, a fun fact about this package is due to the compact nature of this engine and being all aluminium, this weighs 10kg less than the original A-series drivetrain.
Potential Motorsport Billet engine mounts, custom intake manifold, custom cold air induction kit and a custom 2inch exhaust manifold will be used to tightly compact the engine package into a stock length front end. Drivetrain is also equipped with billet drive shafts and a custom on board billet short shifter for sharper faster gear changes.


Furthermore, the D-series SOHC engine and gearbox that will be provided by us for the conversion will be a good healthy runner and few tests will be shown/carried out to support this. (i.e., compression test, oil pressure etc.) We try our best to source the “least miles” engine/ at the time of your conversion Or If you require the engine to be rebuilt using all new components, we can do this too for an extra cost depending on our schedule.

Styling wise either you can go for a Mk1 look, Café racer (like below), sleeper mk3/4 cooper or whatever you desire as the choices are endless. This kit is compatible with 10”,12” or 13” wheels. For the conversion we only cut the inner wings and everything else will be untouched. Unless you want a removable front end for easy access and serviceability.

For the base price of £7552.00 you will have a fully running converted mini using your suspension parts from your original subframe. Extras for this package would be the dashboard integration at £650.00. Dashboard integration is where we dismantle the Honda cluster into pieces and re fit the dials on a custom mount to suite the mini 3 clock dashboard. This is the cheapest option to make conversion look sleeper inside. If you want custom dials to your liking, we can make that happen too for extra. Furthermore as extras, we offer full set of custom billet adjustable dampers specially valved and made for the kit at £450.00 which will increase comfort and also by adjusting them, will give the performance you need with less body roll, two birds one stone situation. This conversion is by far the best bang for buck as it matches the performance of a highly tuned A-series engine for half of the price. All we require from you is to drop in your rolling mini to us to proceed with the conversion. 

FIY – Conversion duration changes depending on our schedule at the time. Usual time period is 4-5 weeks.
We are updating the site at the moment. Will post more updated pictures of the converted minis with most newest updates and videos soon.  

Price from £7552.00

Cooper Sport

Much more lively package/setup compared to the mini7 package. This package uses R-series single overhead cam VTEC engine which has a displacement of 1800cc & 2000cc. Due to its increased stroke, these engines put down 150hp-165hp & 150lb-ft+ of torque at only 4500 RPM in stock form with breathing mods which is plenty of grunt for a naturally aspirated stock engine fitted to a classic mini which weighs under 700kg! (breathing mods are included in the base conversion)

As per all our packages, this also gets a full electronics upgrade with modern wiring (engine loom, dash loom and interior loom), switches, relays and fuse boxes etc. The subframe is a tubular cradle design and uses a Non Mini based suspension. This is to reduce torque steer, eliminate bump steer and suspension flex therefore improving overall driveability and stability under full throttle.


As standard package spec, a custom steering column will be fitted which will be mounted low down and centred to the driver’s seat for better driving position. This steering column will have updated Honda indicator stalks and ignition barrel fitted. Therefore indicators, wipers, parking/dim/ head light controls will be in built to the stalks like any modern car. Clients can select custom interior, carbon panels, wheels, and paint options if needed as extra. This package can be defined as the perfect balance between power and driveability. This conversion also require the deletion of front end inner wings. 

  • 150-160HP and 150lb-ft+ of torque naturally aspirated engine and 5-speed Manual transmission supplied. 
  • Full Cooper sport subframe and full kit – This uses our proven non mini suspension kit for superior drivability.
  • Optional Cruise control and auto lighting.
  • Optional adjustable electric power steering.
  • Drive by wire throttle.
  • Requires 13-inch (13×7) positive 10+ offset wheels and Tires to work with Honda gearbox gearing and Traction. (We have these in stock most times.)
  • Go-to package styling – MK3 Sport Body with Spec-R V3 arches and rear spoiler. Many other interior and exterior choices available. 
  • Brakes – Uprated sliding calipers with 230mm Vented Discs or optional Spec-R 4 Piston brake kit with rear Aluminium drums available.
  • Heavy duty bigger inner and outer CV joints
  • Rear camber/toe adjustment brackets.
  • Potential Motorsport Billet front adjustable Coilovers – Purpose built for this kit. Rear adjustable billet dampers also available. 
  • Potential Motorsport Twin core aluminium radiator.
  • Custom steering column and steering rack.
  • Custom 2.0” stainless full exhaust system with centre exit – Decatted
  • Custom dash – Different finishing options available from carbon to alcantara/suede to body colour finish.
  • Full Billet adjustable short shifter
  • Custom Potential Motorsport Hi-Flow Intake manifold to clear bulkhead
Working on a Cooper Sport turbo package ATM and prototype build starts mid 2023 – Approx. Power levels at 280-300hp stock engine stock steel front end!
We are updating the site at the moment. Will post more updated pictures of the converted minis with most newest updates and videos soon.  

Price from £9600.00

Spec R

This is where things start to get serious. If you want an absolute track weapon that is also Road legal, Spec-R is the package for you. This is a power focused package and best we offer for the road that ticks all the boxes. Basically, a Race mini but road legal which is also fairly comfortable to drive around at the same time by simply changing damper settings.

Spec-R package is equipped with our Race proven “Non-Mini suspension based” kit for superior handling characteristics. You can read in depth about this kit here. A Spec-R mini is powered by either the race proven Honda B-Series engines or the Honda K-series engines (known as the best four-cylinder engine ever made in the world for performance and reliability by experts). Both of these engines have the most aggressive VTEC system/engagement and tuning capabilities are endless. The sound they put out is quite remarkable and addictive at the same time revving all the way to 8700-9000 RPM!

  • Engine Variants to select from – Honda B16a, B18c4, B18C, K20a3, K20a, K20a2, K24a2 and K24 frankenstein (k24 block & K20 type-R head)
  • Stock Length round nose front end in either metal or carbon fibre.
  • Power 180HP – 280HP Naturally aspirated remapped or optional Turbo package at 400+hp
  • 2-seater, fully striped to approx. 580-610KG unless specified otherwise.
  • 0-60 under 5 seconds depending on engine spec and wheel setup
  • Track ready setup
  • T45 Tubular subframe cradle and rear beam setup (still indipendant suspension at rear)
  • Potential Motorsport adjustable Coilovers
  • Potential Motorsport Spec-R big brakes – 252mm Vented 2 piece design discs and Billet Wilwood 4 piston calipers
  • Carbon fibre Spec-R wheel arches, side skirts, rear wing,
  • Custom carbon fibre dashboard
  • Carbon fibre Spec-R induction system
  • Carbon fibre Spec-R front splitter setup with flat floor
  • Potential Motorsport rear diffuser
  • Full weld in Multi point roll cage
  • Removable front end with quick release fasteners or Flip up front end
  • 2.5 or 3-inch exhaust system with centre exit
  • 13-inch wheels – 3 types of Wheel designs to choose 
  • Semi slick tyres all around
  • On the fly adjustable Electric power steering & quick release MOMO steering wheel
2023 Jan update – Spec-R car numbers 1,2,3 and 4 are currently in build. Working on a K-series AWD kit as well. 

Price from £18,800.00 (Limited exclusive production)


Non road legal extreme minis. Steel body extreme builds or fibreglass/carbon full spaceframe minis for competition. Can be built to spec if required. Following are the pictures of minis we have built for the Fastest Mini in The World Race.