Fast Road / Track Brake Kit

For the time being this kit is only available for our non mini hub conversion kits. Setup uses an ultralight wilwood 4 piston caliper, custom mounting bracket and a 250mm Two piece disc. This kit one of the biggest brakes you can get for a road mini. Callipers have dust seals so can be used in harsh environments.

Kit includes

  • Powervane Racing 250mm Diameter 21mm thick Directional cooling vented discs. Grove type – Race.
  • Hard anodised Billet bell.
  • Hardware for the bell to be fitted to the rotor/disc.
  • Pair of 4 piston billet ultra lightweight Wilwood calipers.
  • Pair of Mounting brackets.

Price £1140.00 (final price no VAT to be added)

Brake Pad Choices;

  • Fast Road – A ceramic enhanced formula offering quieter stopping, low dust, long life. Working temp 0-480C. £88.00
  • Fast Road/Track day – Low noise, Race pedal feel, Consistent (medium) coefficient of friction upto highest temperatures. £125.65


We are also working on the same setup to be fitted to the OEM classic mini hubs. Stay tuned! Anymore questions, get in touch.


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