PMK K-Series Full Kit

Worlds first stock length k20/k24 full conversion kit for the classic mini. This kit will fit the K-series engine into a stock length round nose front. Bulkhead modification required so please read below for more information.



We are proud to introduce the only K series (K20 & K24) kit you can buy that fits inside a stock length front and this comes in two versions. This is the next level up in our kits and the best we offer. All our knowledge has been put into these kits therefore these kits are even used for racing so it’s a well-proven platform in terms of handling. This also uses our superior wider track subframe base same as our B-series kits.

Compared to the old school Mini A-series subframe geometry, we have changed the wide track setup to have way better Roll moment (Roll centre F.d), Camber gain ratio, Anti dive %, Ackermann angle, and scrub radius, making our subframes the best handling subframes in the market. Kit is only for 13inch wheels only due to the big brakes used and for better traction with the high demanding torque. Minimum requirement of 13×7 wheel ET+15 (Recommend 13×8.5 wheel with ET+15 and Toyo R888r tyres.)


Full Kit includes the following

  • Wider track aircraft grade T45 Tubular Subframe.
  • New 2x top arms.
  • Potential Motorsport T45 on-board adjustable bottom arms.
  • Heavy duty pre built complete Upright pair.
  • Custom made compression and rebound adjustable coilover pair.
  • 252mm directional cooling vented and grooved discs and 4 piston billet big brake kit
  • Billet drive shafts.
  • Heavy duty outer CV joints (optional outer ring gear available for traction control.)
  • K-series Billet engine mount kit 70A rating (fast road).
  • Potential Motorsport custom ram horn design stainless exhaust manifold with 2.5” collector.
  • Wider track steering rack with UJ – Stock ratio.
  • Rear wider track trailing arm kit to match the increased track width at front.
  • Custom Aluminium Radiator.
  • Clutch master cylinder kit to work with stock mini pedal box. Kit includes master cylinder, billet reservoirs, hose and bracket. This master cylinder will prevent clutch overthrow that caused by the mini pedal box, otherwise it will destroy the thrust washers on the engine.
  • Wilwood brake master cylinder and billet reservoir.
  • Full Billet adjustable gear shifter (mounts on top of the tunnel)

(Made to order. Waiting time 3-4 weeks. Ship worldwide, please contact for a quote or for more information)

In order to fit the kit into a round nose mini, the bulkhead needs extensive modification. Extra bulkhead spacing is required to clear the larger differential casing on the k series gearbox and to clear the custom exhaust manifold along with the steering rack. This is a service we offer only in house as this mod needs to be done on our purpose build bodyshell jig as after removing and modifying the bulkhead everything has to be squared up again. Please notice this modification is not included in the kit price.

Patent pending

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