D & B Series Intake Manifold


  • Custom angled HI-Flow Intake Manifold Core (fits D16. D16v, D17, B16, B16B, B18, B18c4, and B18C) £712.00
  • Custom R18 and B20 intake manifold for Cooper Sport package conversions £722.00
  • Porting and polishing service only for K20 RSP, RBC, RRC intake cores: £440.00 

Race pack intake package – £1100.00. Includes following;

  • B or D series intake manifold.
  • Upgraded bigger billet throttle body.
  • High flow potential motorsport fuel rail. AN6 compatible.
  • Billet Fuel pressure regulator and performance fuel pressure gauge.
  • Vacuum lines and fittings for IACV and Fuel pressure regulator.
  • Thermal gasket set.

Thermal gasket Set (TB and flange) £40
Billet 70mm High flow throttle body £140.00
D, B and K series Potential Motorsport Billet fuel rail AN6 compatible £86.00

Carbon Cold air intake with filter £288.00

Prices are final therefore no VAT to be added. DHL Worldwide Shipping. 


Custom angled high flow intake manifold that clears the bulkhead on your classic mini when it comes to D series or B series engine swaps!.

Many people cut a massive box section on the bulkhead/firewall as a short cut for ease to clear other aftermarket intakes which I recommend NOT to do, as the bulkhead is one of the strongest structures on a mini bodyshell. Also modifying the bulkhead is not allowed in most countries so this is simply a bolt-on solution.

The fully custom made intake manifold is made for maximum airflow incorporating Velocity stacks inside the plenum. The plenum entrance is 70 mm and all four runners are seamless inside all the way to the intake flange where the intake bolts onto the head. We have seen some amazing results on the dyno with these intakes both mid-range and top end!. Another advantage of using our intakes is that you can use our carbon cold air feed and a big K&N air filter kit to let the engine really breathe and make the most power out of your setup. Intake suction noise under wide open throttle is simply brilliant with this intake.

Can gain very noticeable power increases on naturally aspirated engines just by having free flowing intake manifold and exhaust manifold after remap so look no further.

**We do not angle the older type cast aluminium intakes anymore to sell or keep in stock. If you have one and want it to be angled core must be cleaned and oil and dirt free before shipping in. Same applies to K20 cast aluminium intakes. If we have to clean it before working on it, please note that there will be an additional hot tank cleaning fee. Also, send us the. Please contact us for shipping outside of the UK or any other information**

To place an order please email: [email protected] letting us know what you need.

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